Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Is the Beginning of National Notice

I decided it was time to start a second blog. This post inaugurates it. My other blog is "Noticing New York."

Why am I starting a new blog? Noticing New York covers development in New York City and associated politics. As you might guess those associated politics can be rough and none too savory. Often enough they intertwine with national policy issues but there are also times when I feel impelled to write about themes that, while they may be tangentially related to New York City urban affairs, have no close connection with the beat I created Noticing New York to cover.

A perfect example is a recent Noticing New York post (which I will recycle as National Notice's first post-inaugural post): Tuesday, February 22, 2011, What would George Santayana say?

That post just wasn't Noticing New York material but I couldn't help writing it and I wanted it to be up and available somewhere. I realized that there is a lot more on my mind that I'd like to express and it all concerns national issues. . .

. . . So this will be my outlet.

Welcome to National Notice. I hope this will be an interesting and worthwhile journey for all of us.

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