Friday, January 20, 2017

The Planet’s Top Problems On a Single Page?

You can test yourself and see if you agree. . .

    (Something appropriate to put up on the first day of the Donald Trump administration?)

Are all the urgent problems of the world on the single page in the image above? . .

. .   Some sorts of problem are, of course, subcomponents of other ones.  Did we get the major categories to include everything? . ..

Comments are welcome.

And here is a game you can play. .  

. . . If you randomly pick any two of the problems, you can probably, without burning out too many brain cells, figure out how both are related. . . (. . .  for instance these two) What do you think?  You might want to extemporize about that in the form of a comment.

Or you might want to say what’s most important to you.

In order to let people find this page more efficiently when they Google, the list below was used to make the image above.
    List of Planet’s/World’s Top Problems
    •    Climate Change & Environment Degradation (including Ocean Acidification)
    •    Massive Species Extinction
    •    Monopoly, Oligopoly, Consolidated Ownership of Everything
    •    Corporate Controlled Media (purveying Government and Corporate Propaganda while censoring major stories)
    •    Economic Inequality (rapidly increasing)
    •    Endless Wars (fueled by massive U.S. Funding)
    •    Corrupt Government Officials + Government Lies
    •    Crony Capitalism (Government & Corporate collision)
    •    Money in Politics
    •    Lack of Democracy (including voter suppression, gerrymandering & unreliable elections)
    •    Rigged system and deals tilting playing field to 1%
    •    Privatization & Sell-off Public Realm (Parks, streets, libraries schools, etc.)
    •    Commodification of Everything including the Personal Realm
    •    Stealth takeover of Public Institutions and Advocacy Groups
    •    Government Control, Surveillance + Militarization of Police
    •    Racism and discrimination (including mass incarceration and unjust legal system in U.S.)
    •    Technological disruptions and threats in the wrong hands

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