Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Computer Hacker Takes Twisted Advantage of `Get The Rich Out Quick’ Scheme To Fleece Select Gaggle of the World’s Biggest Big-Wigs

"Rescue" helicopters winding up at an island at the bottom of the world?  Priceless. . because there are some things that maybe money just can't buy!
Here’s an astounding story that’s being downplayed and with good reason, given who is embarrassed and what nobody was ever supposed to know about the plans these potentates of power had for themselves . . . plans to that were to launch when/if civilization as we know it was coming to an end.  A computer hacker who had a good dollop of inside knowledge manipulated, leaving only the lightest of fingerprints, to turn a stand-by rescue plan for the world’s wealthiest and most privileged mucky-mucks into their private privilege to be roundly and soundly fleeced.  Over $53.5 billion has disappeared, transferred. . .  Where? . . .  For a while the fleeced tycoons, the hoity–toityest of the ultra-ultra had also themselves disappeared, but now, pretending they never left, they have been creeping back from an unplanned visit to an island at the bottom of the earth, a visit that only slightly resembled the trip they really planned.

What the hacker knew about and took advantage of was a company catering to a need the very wealthiest have evaluated and made contingency plans for that’s far beyond the ken or wherewithal of the rest of us: What happens when the world is coming to an end and society crumbles, civilization as we know it unraveling?  Maybe it’s the particular country or countries that normally serve as your home base where things have headed for terminal kerflooey, or maybe the troubles and political unrest are more infectiously pandemic?  What do you do?  You flee!  But first you need to be notified of the troubles, and you want to be notified before anyone else: No sense being caught up in a traffic jam.  In fact, you don’t want to worry about the kind of traffic that may jam at all, so you are prepared to take to the skies, lifted up the first leg of your journey commencing with a helicopter pickup.

That’s where the premier planning and services of Rapture U.S. come in, an American company that assures its super-elite clientele that it has an inside track on a need-to-know basis from the NSA on everything the privileged will need to know first in order to spirit themselves away to be essentially invulnerable as they decamp to the safety of private sanctuaries in the face of any pending collapse of world or political order.  The services of Rapture U.S. are two-fold: privately providing the informational cue that it is time to leave, and providing the aeronautic wherewithal to lift the financially eminent out of whatever location they are in to locations far away from conflict on privately-owned islands.
The benefits of private islands for the wealthy being written about in the New York Times in February.
Every detail of the escapes was represented to be thoughtfully attended to in advance.  For instance, there was no need to be concerned about emigration and customs matters due to arrangements Rapture, with its connections, put in place in advance.  The islands to which the monarchical magnates will retreat?: The islands together with all the secure structures erected upon them to pamper their arrivals all rise many meters above the significant escalations of sea-level rise predicted to come with severe climate change and a melting of the polar ice caps. Climate change is more than a planned-for possibility to be contingently dealt with through Rapture’s promised assurances, the inevitability of its arrival is described in Rapture’s promotional literature as a driving reason to sign up for its services.  This literature, available on an invitation-only basis, was sent to reporters after the hacking, apparently by the hacker himself.  It reads, in part:
In the relatively near future, climate change is predicted to bring about world-wide shortages of everything from food to inhabitable regions of the earth.  We can confidently predict that front-running the materialization of the very worst of these problems will be war, conflict, extreme political instability and the downfall of governments where the wealthy and their previously recognized privileges will undoubtedly be targeted for elimination. We know even now from our sources at the surveiling NSA that there is much chatter in numerous quarters too organic and diffusely disseminated to expect with a sufficient degree of certainty that biases in this direction will always be successfully squelched year after year into the future.

Through Rapture’s notification, even before the exact nature of the underlying base intelligence is declassified or otherwise revealed, you will be alerted and steered to an appropriate course of action prior to cataclysm-triggering events.   At Rapture’s cue and with Rapture’s help you will have initiated self-preserving sanctuarial action before world leaders have been informed of any set of unfolding imperatives, before they or others may be undertaking any alteration to the status quo potentially disruptive to your essential future options.
In essence, Rapture, with all the systems, procedures and all the pending protocols it put in place loaded the gun, and all the hacker had to do, breaking into its systems, was to pull the trigger and launch the sanctuarial rescue events sequences into operation with only slight modifications.   The helicopters rendezvoused with their pick-ups at designated locations, transported them to private airports with waiting planes and the planes ascended just as planned. This also triggered the "Part II payments" owed to Rapture by these sovereign czars of capital in the event of the rescue program’s activation.  That’s the money that, diverted from Rapture’s own bank account, seems to have gone missing.
Tasmania the island state south of the Australian continent, a day's boat trip from Melborne
Since the “rescues” were always supposed to be conducted with the utmost secrecy and based on information traded out to a few corporate partners including Rapture by the NSA without a compromising disclosure of the parameters of the intelligence gathered, it was days before the traveling barons of the one-percent’s-one-percent or those piloting them fully realized what had happened.  The first clue was that they were not transported to the expected private islands, but, after a longer trip than expected, to the island state of Tasmania part of and south of Australia, in one of the most remote parts of the world.  Transferring from a larger airport on the island's North West Coast with a flight to another nearby private airport, the arriving dignitaries were greeted with what was described as an “orientation” briefing, a lecture about how, after the Europeans arrived eliminating its native Aboriginal inhabitants, Tasmania had been one of Britain’s most notorious penal colonies, known at that time as Van Diemen's Land.  The “orientation” was given by a local historian and tour guide who said he had been hired via email with no knowledge about or reference to Rapture or its operations at all.
The hacking might never have happened at all.  The hacker, considering himself provoked, informed reporters in a transmittal that he conceived it out of a desire for vengeance.  Hitherto the hacker had been working as a reconnaissance photographer in New York City photographing and logging private airplane tail numbers for a financial information company that compiled and translated the data into financial investment advice utilizing the fact that the wealthy and corporate elite are increasingly using corporate and privately owned jets to facilitate private, face-to-face meetings with key deal makers and investors.  Data-collecting via the photography the company ascertained and used the flight plans of companies with corporate jets flying from “money centers” or other key corporate locations to predict such things as pending mergers and acquisitions or stock and bond maneuvers.   (See: Corporate Jets and Private Meetings with Investors.)
From this planespotting website.
In another corporate guise, Rapture U.S., via its sister corporation, Private Skies, Inc., made coordinated and more conventional use of the aviation assets Rapture might one day use.  Rapture and Private Skies, Inc. considered the data collection about its flight paths an infringement. Accordingly, it was a simple matter for them to exercise their influence and connections to have the NYC Department of Transportation eliminate the sidewalk space along the curb of the private airport road where photographers congregated to photograph the planes, thus eliminating the source of the photographers' livelihood.  The hacker, who had been free-lancing to sell his photographs under the assumed name of Justin Chase, apparently had limited other options for work for some reason relating to his use of the assumed name.  That’s when his research and hacking into the systems of  Private Skies, Inc. led the hacker to learn about Rapture U.S. and its operations, in connection with which he extracted his vengeance and, it may be presumed, vanquished any need for future employment.

The story of the get the rich out quick rescue scheme is being denied across the board by various official spokespersons for the world’s wealthy, but the hacker who sent reporters documenting details promised to send more confirming evidence of the Rapture U.S. scheme and the hack that overrode it, together with information that will disclose his actual identity.  The day that information is promised to be provided is today, April 1st.


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